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The Mentalist premiered on September 23, 2008 on CBS. Independent consultant, Patrick Jane has been hired to consult with the California Bureau of Investigation. Jane's wife and daughter were killed at the hands of serial killer, Red John. It is this tragedy which brought Jane to the CBI and his infatuation with finding this killer.

Patrick Jane is joined by Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon and Agents Kimball Cho, Wayne Rigsby and Grace Van Pelt.

The Mentalist Season One
The Mentalist Episodes - The Mentalist on CBSThe Mentalist Episodes - The Mentalist on CBSThe Mentalist Episodes - The Mentalist on CBSThe Mentalist Episodes - The Mentalist on CBS[Untitled]
In its inaugural season, The Mentalist tells the tale of Patrick Jane, an independent detective working for the California Bureau of Investigation. Prior to working for the CBI, Jane made a living as a fake psychic. However, the course of his life was altered when his wife and daughter were killed by serial killer, Red John, who is now Patrick Jane's sworn enemy. Jane now uses his skills as a Mentalist to help the CBI solve cases. The CBI team he works with consists of Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon, and Agents Kimball Cho, Wayne Rigsby and rookie Agent, Grace Van Pelt.

The Mentalist Season Two
The Mentalist Episodes - The Mentalist on CBSThe Mentalist Episodes - The Mentalist on CBSThe Mentalist Episodes - The Mentalist on CBSThe Mentalist Episodes - The Mentalist on CBSThe Mentalist Episodes - The Mentalist on CBS

In this season, the Red John case was reassigned to Agent Sam Bosco and his team. Jane bugged Bosco's office to keep up to date with the case. However, things went bad when Red John decided he missed Jane, and he convinced Bosco's assistant to murder Bosco and his team. With the CBI already hurting at the lost of three of their own, Director Minelli handed in his resignation and a new boss, Madeline Hightower, was brought in to replace him. Meanwhile, Rigsby and Van Pelt finally gave in to their feelings for one another and began 'secretly' dating (okay everyone knew but Lisbon). When Hightower found out, she gave RigsPelt an ultimatum, end it or one of them has to leave the unit. Rigsby decided he loved Van Pelt enough to want to transfer out of the unit, but Van Pelt didn't feel the same way. She sent Rigsby packing and both agents remained on the team. Red John managed to make an appearance in the season finale, saving Jane's life and kidnapping Jane's potential new love interest, psychic Kristina Frye.

The Mentalist Season Three
The Mentalist Episodes - The Mentalist on CBSThe Mentalist Episodes - The Mentalist on CBSThe Mentalist Episodes - The Mentalist on CBSThe Mentalist Episodes - The Mentalist on CBSThe Mentalist Episodes - The Mentalist on CBS
In it's third season, The Mentalist returned with a lot of excitement. We met Patrick Jane's brother-in-law when he was mixed up in a murder. Van Pelt fell in love with FBI Agent, Craig O'Laughlin, got engaged but never made it to the altar. Her fiance was a pawn in Red John's plans and he used Van Pelt, getting killed in the season finale. Poor Rigsby was mending his broken heart, but finally admitted he was still in love with Van Pelt. CBI Director, Madeleine Hightower, was framed for a murder she didn't commit and went on the run with her two children. New Director, LaRoche, butted heads with Lisbon, even demoting her and promoting Cho (for one episode), but it all worked out in the end. The season ending cliffhanger brought Red John face-to-face with Patrick Jane. In a shocking finale, Patrick Jane killed Red John.

The Mentalist Season Four

Season four of The Mentalist returns in September 2011 (in the U.S. at 10/9c) on Thursday nights. With the season ending cliffhanger of Patrick Jane killing Red John, Van Pelt's fiance being a mole and Lisbon getting shot, we are left with a lot of questions. What will happen to Jane? How will Van Pelt grieve the loss of her fiance AND being used? Will there be any long-lasting effects from Lisbon being shot? Will Hightower get her job back now that she's been cleared? Is this the end of LaRoche? So many questions... is it September yet?

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webruce 4-28-13 "Red And Itchy" 5.21 2 May 6 2013, 4:46 AM EDT by webruce
Thread started: Apr 29 2013, 10:21 PM EDT  Watch
4-28-13 "Red And Itchy" 5.21 Brenda Shettrick did in episode "Little Red Corvette" 5.12. She brought rich man Tommy Volker case information. Not sure what else she did, but it seems a lot. I figured that was her first transgression, by the way she acted. Didn't know she kept it up unless Volker Black mailed her into it. Thought it kind of dumb of Brenda to make the call from the Police van. But she didn't know it was a con to catch her.

I'm surprised if JJ LaRoach actually has Saynays tongue in the Tupperware box. But by now it wouldn't really resemble one would it? But all signs point to it. JJ has other stuff in it too. Didn't think if it was Brenda that it would be solved in one episode. She got sloppy with the phone calls.

JJ and Jane seem to have a new respect for each other. I didn't like him when he was in charge, but he seems to have mellowed.

Couldn't Scott Saynay write answers to Lisbon's questions? He still has his eyes, brain and hands, lol

There was no spillover from last episode of Rigsby and Van Pelt. No cutesy looks or anything. Have they learned to control it at work?

Jane need his time now to bear down and figure out who Red Johgn could be. Hides in his cubbie attic. He needs Radio Silence for a week." It will be interesting to find out what he figures out. And now Kirkland has gone quiet. Will he be back next week?
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webruce 4-21-13 "Red Velvet Cake" 5.20 Part 2 0 Apr 24 2013, 9:24 PM EDT by webruce
Thread started: Apr 24 2013, 9:24 PM EDT  Watch
Now Rigsby and Van Pelt pretending to be "Dwayne and Stac", and talking about their real problems to Buddy Hennings worked out good. as stated else where about Van Pelt not liking Rigsby having a baby with another woman. Who subsequently left him, and Rigsby not comfortable with Van Pelt being engaged to Craig O'Laughlin, who she had to shoot because he was after Hightower. But it seems that those problems and their feelings quickly resolved themselves. Hightower was a stickler for the no date rule, not Lisbon. Since Bertrum isn't around a lot, they maybe able to hide the romance. I do figure more will have to be solved, but let's wait and see. And Bravo! She never wanted to hurt Wayne, and he always loved her. Not sure where Duncan stands in all this, but I believed he was just a friend anyway. Van Pelt surprised Rigsby by going to his place, and as the foot fetish continued she pushed the door shut with her foot!!

webruce 4-21-13 "Red velvet Cake" 5.20 0 Apr 24 2013, 9:23 PM EDT by webruce
Thread started: Apr 24 2013, 9:23 PM EDT  Watch
Jane helping on the phone, Rigsby and Cho at the scene of Missy Roberts death was fun. He telling Rigsby to put the cupcake down made me laugh. Rigsby looked like a kid caught in the candy jar, lol He again was working on his Red John information in his attic. Maybe he was replacing the "good" info. that he hid from Kirkland's Cronies last week? Or was working on whittling down that mega list of suspects. Not sure why he was reading a book, unless he was caught up on his RJ work for today. But he did later help Lisbon after she said she needed him.

I did think that the Producer, Gary Beinhart did it. He has played bad guys before. But finding out that Buddy Hennings had a foot fetish, and Patrick doing the shoe thing with Van Pelt things kind of fell into place. But it was a surprise for me(and Patrick) that his wife Elizabeth Hennings. Patrick wasn't perfect on his figuring. But her telling that she couldn't compete with Missy Roberts, well I thought she really isn't a bad looking woman either. But Missy had called Buddy a creep too. Kip Roberts being tied to bed by Rosie Dunlap really surprised Lisbon. "Let's just say, the game is a foot!' says Patrick.

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